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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cayos Cajones (Hobbies), Honduras

The Hobbies

On Monday, April 11th, we left Low Cay (Columbia) sailing to Cayman Islands.  We had a great sail for about 24 hours, however, the wind had other plans ... it died completely.  So we made a detour to a small out island of Honduras called Cayos Cajones (Hobbies) where we spent about four days waiting, snorkeling, working on boat jobs until the wind returned. 

Rankin spearfishing

One of two spinnakers aboard
In the first picture, the structures on this island which appear to be buildings are actually stacks of lobster traps formed like buildings.  The two men who stayed on this island are fishermen and their responsibility was to guard the lobster traps.  The local fishermen take turns guarding the lobster traps for two weeks at a time until lobster session begins.

Rankin, Dave and I did a little snorkeling.  Rankin also did a little spearfishing, however, the fish were successful at evading him.  Since the winds were so light, we took advantage and raised one of the two spinnakers (a light weight sail used for light, downwind sailing) aboard.   During the taking of this photo, I was in the dinghy alone then the engine stopped and I couldn't get it started again.  The current was quickly increasing the distance between me and the boat.  Unfortunately, I wasn't successful paddling back to the boat so Rankin swam out to me and since he couldn't get the dinghy engine started either he rowed us back to the boat.  My hero!

During our stay at the Hobbies, we were continuously monitoring the weather, so we could begin our trip.  The weather had changed, so our plans changed too.  Based on weather, we determined we would be able sail to Isla Mujeres, Mexico instead of the Cayman Islands.  So, off we went.

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